Effect of Abronym on Hair follicle stem cells


Hair follicle stem cells are the population of hair follicle responsible for hair growth, differentiation, and maturation. As the demand is increasing in the field of hair follicle stem cell research due to need of new therapeutics related to hair growth and colorization, Abronym can be utilized a potential agent for the same. There are two major parameters very important for growth and differentiation of hair proliferation of stem cells and expression of enzyme tyrosinase which is responsible for the synthesis of melanin synthesis in the cells.



Abronym has worked on both the parameters, while it has increased the growth of hair follicle during the 96 hours of culture in a dose dependent method, it has also increased the expression of enzyme tyrosinase again in a dose dependent manner. Abronym can be used a very important component in the hair stem cell biology not only in in vitro experiments but also as potential target for hair therapeutics biology. Further research is required where various surface markers of hair stem cells should be analyzed to deduce full potential of Abronym as viable option of hair growth, differentiation, and colorization.


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